First report since investment 

As we reported a month or so ago Priyo invested our  $2000 AUD,  $1 being equivalent to approximately 55 Taka, depending on the exchange rate =  110.000 Taka roughly  into a Teak tree nursery and fisheries.  We now have a photo of growth of the teak trees and a happy photo of Priyo with a new little  friend he’s met on his travels to meet his wife and daughter. I have chosen this Photo because of his ultimate desire to be a great help and support to his people the Chakma. Indigenous people  of Bangladesh.  

First Investments

We have convened the committee and have reported that Priyo has Invested 80.000 taka into a Tea tree nursery 40.000 taka,  and a small fisheries 40.000 taka.  $1 AUD =55 taka ( Bangladesh currency )

Handwritten document or receipt
Hand written document or receipt

These investments will  in approximately one year be sold and the money put to work building the first weaving center. 

Starting to move to the next phase

It’s been a slow start as the adversary tried to intervene but Priyo’s faithfulness has been paramount. He’s secured land to use as a duck farm,  free of charge because it’s for the good cause of raising money to help  the poor, school children, and rape victims. He and his landlord are building shelter for the ducks which are going to be bought after its finished.

Building duck shelter
Building materials

It’s very hot in Bangladesh this year, as you can see very different work from office for Priyo but he’s determined to keep his word,  and we have good news from Baran Chakma,  he’s going to enlist his friends and build a home for priyo and his family when they also build the weaving centre on “ancestral land.” I believe. 

I’m in Awe! Deadline met!

With Deadline looming 1st April,  2 very old paintings got sold last Easter weekend,  $100  each. I had earned another $250 drawing portraits, my husband offered to loan me the rest, the quilting bees had  been disastrous very heartbreaking but a sister had secretly made a quilt, another finished  a top,  2 others got made  both with buyers and last night a new painting was sold for $375. The Lord has come through again, (although we must pay back the loan ) same pattern as last year and answered all my and our prayers. Big thanks to everyone participating,





So much i could say! But I’m told keep it short,  you can catch up on  past posts,  the Lord is king ❤

First Quilt making day

My sisters in the gospel are joining us by making quilts to auction.
We didn’t get a lot done but are planning on getting together making more next week,  and in the coming weeks.

Farming motive appliqué
Small embroidered panel patchwork
Embroidered animal patches.

Along with my paintings  on   the sale of these quilts  are aiming to raise money  to purchase a car now, instead  of a motorboat with which we will purchase others and support victims of rape and schools with the profits of taxiing passengers in Rangamatti Chittagong Hills Tract.

Baptism Day 26th February 2016

This is a day I prayed for in the month of October 2014, in the House of the Lord, Melbourne Australia.  That the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints might come among the Chakma people and all indigenous people living in Chittagong Hills Tract Bangladesh. That  the evils that have befallen them might cease as the word and spirit of the Lord  is now among them.



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